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Seniors’ Commission

President : Linda Schwey


The first mission of the Seniors Commission is to support The Liberal Party of Canada, its ideas and its organizational structures through our seniors clubs that operate at the riding level. We offer our help in reforming our country’s political institutions, by suggesting ways to renew government programs destined for our elderly, our handicapped, and those in need.


In the ridings the Seniors clubs work in conjunction with and in support of the riding associations for membership recruitment and fundraising efforts. The clubs also organize social activities for their members, such as brunches, corn roasts, and sugaring offs.

We do the research work in order to keep our members informed about the Canadian political scene, especially in areas that concern them. We are very pleased at the recent of the New Horizons programs for seniors. Even if these programs are not intended for political clubs, we can still help our fellow citizens to take advantage of them.

We are active participants in the organization of political campaigns, depending on the availability of each member.

Action Plan

The principal objectives of this year action plan are as follows;

  1. Development of new clubs across the province
  2. Redefine the role of our clubs within our riding associations
  3. Reinforce our ties with other commissions across Canada
  4. Entrench the role of seniors within the riding associations and the electoral organizations
  5. Complete a revision of the governing by-laws of Seniors Commissions in Quebec and across Canada
  6. Clarify the rules of party financing as laid out in Bill C-24