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Election of the President of the Commission of Regions

The chair of the President of the Commission of regions is vacant and must be filled. The President of the Commission co-presides the Commission of regions with the President of the Organization Commission.

Candidate (s)

An eligible candidate is the regional president.

Applications by candidates

Applications for the presidency must be sent, the latest at 17: 00H on March 6, 2015, by email to Marc Laperriere, President of the Legal Commission and to Sylvie Bégin, Director of operations LPC (Q)

The application must be accompanied by a letter stating the candidate’s motivation for the presidency and a project of an action plan leading to the election.

The email address of Mr. Laperrière is :

The email address is Sylvie Begin is:

Announcement of the candidates

The names of the candidates,and their letter of motivation and projected action plan,shall be announced by email within twenty-four hours of the close of the application period.

Eligible voters

Voters are regional presidents.

Presentation by candidates

Candidates may send an email to the regional presidents from 7 March 2015 until the opening of the voting period.

The address of all regional presidents will be attached to the email announcing the names of the candidates.

Voting period

The voting will take place by e-mail from March 12 to March 13 at 17: 00h.

A vote is cast by indicating the name of the candidate in an email addressed to:

Announcement of the result

The result will be announced to the regional presidents by email as soon as the votes have been counted on March 13th 2015